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50th Birthday Party ideas

50th Birthday Party Ideas


Birthdays can be fun and of course special too! The best part about birthdays is the joy and excitement which begins days before the special day and the worst part is probably the bitter fact that birthdays come just once a year. Sigh! Ah anyway! If you are nearing a very proud and applauding age of 40 or 50, it speaks volumes of a life of achievement, success and happiness. With that range of age as well, a facelift surgical procedure is needed to improve the visible signs of aging in the face and neck. Good thing there are many facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles area that you can contact like Dr. Frankel from It is an even better time to celebrate birthdays with near and dear ones and throw a lavish, elaborate and fun party. If you have similar thoughts, then this is the 50th Birthday Party Ideas guide is for you. Read on to gather some useful and insightful tips on planning and throwing a 40th to 50th birthday party.

Chapter 1 – Party Planning Checklist

Before you decide to plan any type of a function or a party, the first and foremost thing to do is to formulate a checklist. This is done to ensure a smooth functioning of your party without any last minute hassle and it also makes sure that you have covered everything that needs to be done. Without a list, it is often a lost battle and we cannot always rely on our memory to do the needful. This is where a checklist comes into play. In simple words, a checklist is a list of ‘to do’ things that you need for your party and once you finish it off you can cross it off your list. Read on to know more about the essential checklist items.
Guest list: Yes this is indeed the most important part as a party depends on the number of people you wish to invite. Plan a very practical list and invite all your near and dear ones who you genuinely feel will be happy on your big day. Give all the green eyed demons a miss as we want our party to remain as free of negativity as possible. Fix a suitable budget and decide how many people your party can accommodate. Make a guest list keeping everyone in mind and make sure to put down the name every time you think of someone. Do not leave it for later as in all probability, it might just slip off your mind. Turning 50 is an important milestone so make sure to include all those who have stood by you and witnessed you achieving great heights. And of course, the more the merrier isn’t it?
Invitation: This is of course a very interesting part. Try to keep you invitation as fresh, crisp, innovative and interesting as possible. Ask the birthday boy/girl their preference and brainstorm a bit to bring forth best results. While designing an invitation, it is also important to have decided the venue and time by now as it needs to be printed on the invite. You can either send printed traditional invites or go in for a more modern and easy method on online invites. If you are an active social networking bug, then create an event and invite people through it. Most importantly, request people to rsvp back either by mail or a text message and this will give you a fair idea of the number that you can expect.
Theme: A great party indeed needs a great theme. If you are opting for a more insightful party then decide on a theme beforehand. It can be anything from the retro to the modern, fairytales, Halloween or just anything under the sun. It is also a good idea to mention the theme in the invite as people can get their costumes ready on time and not panic in the last minute.
Food and drinks: Yumm, the best part about parties is that you get to relish an amazingly delicious platter and since it is on you turning a good number, make sure you have a good table set for your guests. Plan on the menu and include a fair number of dishes, focusing more on the quality than quantity. Try to include more of a multi cuisine, rather than focusing on one particular cuisine and also include some fun side stuff like burgers, pizzas and fries which can work for all those who aren’t too comfortable with the cuisine that you have picked. Now coming to the drinks, make sure you get the good quality ones and also stock up with fresh fruit juices as much as you can as a sober party is of course a time to remember and also less chaotic. It is also nice to buy a wooden pellet grill from barbequesmoked if you want to grill some BBQ. Click here to avail the product.
The birthday cake: one of the many important steps! Plan an elaborate birthday cake and preferably your most favorite flavor. You can go for the normal cakes or even pick up a fondant that seems to be the choice of many these days. Chocolate is undoubtedly a universal flavor liked by more than a majority, so that can be a recommended option too. Just make sure to get a big cake that is enough for all the guests. A piece for each would suffice. Make sure to place the order much before hand and also brief them on the personal details very accurately as you do not want to celebrate your 50th birthday with a cake that misspells your name.
Clothes/Grooming: If you are leaning more towards the theme oriented party, then decide and Murale Design a great dress that sets you apart from all the guests. If you are not the type for themes, then just flaunt a formal or semi formal wear. It is all about style so opt for the perfect fit and accessorize it to look stylish, neat and of course attire that speaks on itself about your personal taste for intricacy and detail when it comes to fashion and style. If you are a pretty damsel and need visits to the parlor, make sure you make an appointment and make it on time to get all your issues sorted!
Decorations: if you have chosen a venue to celebrate your special day then that most of the work done as the people in charge will take care of all the cleaning and decoration. Visit and try pristine house cleaning services and make your place much cleaner than before. You can add some candle decorations in the venue from Lantern Cove website. They have secret garden collection, vintage collection, pastel collection and more. If you plan to throw a warm and cozy party within the comfort of your house, then make sure you hire cleaners , preferably a day before and clean every nook and corner of the house will it sparkles. On the other hand, if you want a major house renovation to look exceptionally beautiful, get an siding services independence mo for siding installation. Any sort of dust might make your abode appear shabby and of course put off your guests. Try to arrange for some extra furniture, basically chairs and others to ensure all your guests are seated comfortably. The best option is to arrange some help who will take care of your house, the food and everything basic and this will save you the trouble and panic of running around all the time to get things done. Irrespective of the venue, the ambience should be decorated according to the theme of course, if any.
Entertainment: ah this is probably the fun part where you get to decide what can be included to keep your guests interested in the party hosted by you. Make a list of all the things that can be done. Decide on the music, games and of course a little bit of craziness to spice up the party. For the music, try to strike a balance between some of the common forms. Too much of loud music can turn sore and cause a headache and block out conversation, so limit loud and jarring music only to the dance floor. Furthermore, too much loud music can also cause tinnitus to visitors. If that happens, let them visit to know the things to do to cure it.Other times, play soothing slow music, preferably played only in the background from martin guitars, as this will ensure a good cozy atmosphere and lift up the moods of all. This will also allow the guests to catch up with each other and have suitable talks, without being interrupted and deafened by the music.
Apart from that, make sure you also decide on the games that can be played. There are no hard and fast rules, really! It all depends on your personal taste and also your audience. Include some fun, intellectual and not so embarrassing games that everyone can participate and feel good about. Ah the gifts: yes make sure you have them ready for the winner. What is a game without gifts anyway? There has to be some motivation. Do not stress on spending too much on gifts. A simple souvenir will be sufficient to meet the purpose.

 50th Birthday Party  Ideas

Now that we have covered the essential items in terms of the checklist, let us now look at some other party ideas. You can of course, customize it according to your tastes and preferences, however, we provide some of the best ideas that will rock your funky forty or fabulous 50 birthday party. Read on and be amazed!

Ideas for Setting a Theme

Picking a favorite theme can be very confusing and of course intimidating as well because we fear that our guests might not be too comfortable with it. In all certainty, theme parties work better than the non-theme ones. With themes, you have more options from music, food, ambience to just everything can be incorporated according to the theme. This way everything appears coherent and well planned and executed. Some of the fun theme ideas are,
A retro theme party- everyone dressed in retro style fashion and of course supporting hairdo.
Pop icon theme party- everyone dresses as their favorite icon
Going down the memory lane- back to the teenage years theme party.
Halloween theme party- Everyone dressed to scare.
Aqua theme party- Aqua related appearances.
Favorite celeb theme party- Pick a celeb and flaunt and imitate your way through the party.
Arabian theme party- Jasmine and Aladdin for some inspiration.
These are just some basic parameters to give you a pair idea on how a theme party works. You can put on your thinking cap and get the creativity oozing out for other smashing ideas.

Little Innovation for the Ambience

The ambience definitely sets the atmosphere and the mood for the evening so make sure it’s the best you can do. Apart from the theme related nuances, also incorporate a little customized decoration. You want the party to be warm and personal so include some parts of your life and display it to your guests. This way you walk through the guests to your ‘coming of age’ event by displacing some of your life’s experiences and moments in the form of visuals and stills.
It’s a party and young or old, balloons are a must! Get hold of huge balloons and print a picture of your life in each one. Use as many balloons as you can and display several moments of your life-be it a trip, engagement, marriage, kids, work achievement, prizes and awards. It can be just anything that makes you feel good and gives your guests an impression of a live well lived by you. It should be like a slideshow of sorts of your life for your audience.
You can also make use of photographs. A picture speaks a thousand words indeed. Employ the use of photo frames, preferably something attractive and antique and display as many photos as you can all around. The guests can also have some good time looking at your life events. Make sure you include pictures with the guests who you have spent considerable time with as this will make them involved in your party and therefore enhance the feelings of togetherness and joy. After all, reaching 40 or 50 is all about cherishing stronger bonds that last a lifetime right?
Another good option is to use videos. Yes make it a little more visual. Add screens at frequent distances and include small length videos to each of them which will keep playing throughout the evening. The video can be anything related to your life or it can just be a slideshow of pictures that you wish to flaunt.
Another good idea is to have  Birthday Yard Signs on the front yard as a nice surprise for the honourable guest. This is such a blast and makes for a life long memory. They carry Birthday Lawn Ornaments , Party Lawn Decorations , Lawn signs rentals  and so much more.

Click it, Capture it

No party is ever complete without photos. It is an achievement to have made it to this milestone age and you would definitely want to capture it all if course. The best deal is to hire professional photographers and videographers who will ensure that the job gets done. Brief the photographers in advance of what you wish and what you expect from them. Make it a point to discuss the budget before hand as this will avoid friction later on.
Another great idea is to set a stage for photography alone. The guests can go to the selected spot and take pictures with all those they wish and ensure that each guest is provided with a personal copy of the photo they wish to click. They can either pose with the birthday adult or with their close friends. This way, everyone goes home with a souvenir.
Post the party and for the years to come, you can always enjoy looking at these images of your special day. Assign a designated scrapbook or photo album and store and save everything as a memory. Another safe bet is to get a hard copy of your photos along with your hard copy and make more copies of it. This way you have backup of everything. If you are still terrified of losing it, then just have an email backup. Simple and effective!

Gear up music lovers!

No party is complete without music. Yes, this is what sets the mood for everything and ensures the guests have a gala time in your party. Try out some of these fun ideas for some inspiration.
Hire a DJ for a fun filled rocking night! Let him take over the stage and your guests will just groove to the tune.
You can also select your playlist in advance and have them play it. Make a collection of all the favorite tunes that you have cherishes of selected singers down the lane and play it all and reminisce. All your buddies will also feel the nostalgia if they have grown up with you. If you are planning a surprise party, then just frame a playlist with the birthday boy/girls favorite tracks and surprise them.
Have a stage where the guest’s choice is taken into consideration and played. Ask the guests to approach the person assigned or the DJ himself and they can request to play their selected song. They can also have it dedicated to whoever they wish and support it with a personal or romantic message. This is a great way to involve the guests in the party and also make it personal and memorable for all.
Host a karaoke! Yes you heard it right. Who doesn’t love to karaoke? This is the best way to get the audience to hum along. You can either decide on the song beforehand or opt for the choice of your guests. Also include a screen where the lyrics are displayed, this will make it easier for the people to follow and participate. This is a clear cut way to get your party from boring to rocking!
Another great idea is to have your guests perform. Set the stage and invite people to participate. Begin with some of your family members to ease the guests and to set the mood. Once they become a little comfortable, more participants will spring up into action. They can hop on stage and choose to sing and dedicate it t whoever they wish. Of course most of the dedications will be for the birthday adult and that is what will make this moment even more special. Try it and it will definitely make you feel oh-so-good about turning 40 and 50!
This for all those who have the means and the inclination to do it. Hire a professional singer, probably a well known individual and watch him set the stage on fire. Make it a point to mention that in the invite as it will get more people to visit your party for the interesting performance. Besides unlimited fun, it will surely be a day to remember and cherish for life.

Shake that Leg . Lets Dance.

Another tip to make your party more fun and of course scintillating is to include dance. Dancing is a fun activity and irrespective of the age, everyone likes to put their best foot forward and shake the leg a bit. Some fun options are:
To begin the dance session, surprise your guests! Arrange for an activity like a flash mob which involves people from all sides suddenly springing into action and taking the centre stage. Since it just happens out of the blue, it will arouse the feelings of apprehension and curiosity as the mob progresses, people will have a clear idea of what is happening and also participate it in. Just imagine everyone’s surprised and blank faces! What fun!
If you can go for it, then a great idea is to hire professional dancers who will keep your guests enticed and of course provide quality and unlimited entertainment. Opting for a well-known dancer is always a clear cut way for bringing in more crowd. Make sure to mention in your invite.
You can also hire trainers to teach some fabulous moves to your guests. Have an elaborate space or clear up in time for the dance session and allow the dancers to take control. They can show steps and all those interested can dance with them. It is a great activity for all those who love to dance
Apart from these options, you can always have some dance performances hosted by family and friends and of course the birthday boy/girl.
Pick people from your party and chose random songs and surprise them and watch them spontaneously flaunt their moves. Besides a good laughter, it is a fun and light-hearted way to enjoy, relax and de-stress.
And of course no dance is complete without waltz. Also known as the ball dance, this dance features couples on stage and they sway to the soft melodious tune played. It can set the right romantic mood for everyone present and give them a chance to enjoy a dance with their loved one. The birthday adult can also spend some cherished moments with the love of his/her life, who has shared this journey with them and it can just feel every bit extra special. It is moments like these that make everything special and add spark to every moment.

Add Extra punch to the Party

Another great way to make your party more memorable and to add more credibility is to include a guest of honor. Make sure you invite someone who is much loved and appreciated by a majority of tour guests. It need not always be a celebrity. If you can arrange it then more power to you! You can also invite someone who is highly motivational and has become very successful in a small span of time. Basically it can be someone who is awe-inspiring and someone who will leave everyone feeling good and enhance the feeling of an evening well spent. Make sure to mention the guest in your invite or you can provide some hints and keep that as a surprise for your guests. If you are throwing a surprise party, then include someone who the birthday boy/girl loves and admires. It will be an extra special 40th/ 50th birthday and make everything seem complete and satiable.

An Overdose of Laughter

This is probably one of the best ideas ever! Really! There can be just no doubt about the outcome of this and it is certainly something that everyone will love and enjoy for sure. After all, laughter is all that we need to make special moments appear more joyful. Wondering what this so great tip is? Hire a comedian! Yes, you heard it right! The only deal is to hire someone who is very experiences and knows what he is doing. Quality jokes are needed to encourage laughter and lame and slapstick comedy is a complete no. just allow a small amount of time, preferably 30 minutes or so for a good dose of laughter. Allow your guests to be seated and the comedian can take control and display his skills. It will be great to watch everyone present to delight in giggles and squeals of laughter and uninhibited joy. In the event of you turning a great number, it can be a great occasion to spread laughter and cheer.

Include some interesting Games

Be it a party for kids or adults, games is something that keeps everyone interested and involved. And of course the prospect of winning makes everything seem even more challenging. Select on gifts before hand and announce it before the game begins. It need not be expensive or high end gifts. Something simple and heartwarming or even a souvenir is great. After all it is just a reminder to your guests of the good time they had at your party. Try out some of these all time classic and innovative game ideas. The whole point of a 40th or 50th birthday party games is to facilitate a mood of youthfulness and of course allow everyone to feel young and active. It is a great opportunity to go down the memory lane and to relive those mesmerizing days, so make sure you include those games which everyone has played as a kid and teen. The idea to include these games is that in this age and time most adults do not engage in such activities as it is reserved for the kids. This is a fun reminder of those mirthful days of pure joy and bliss when playing outdoors was fun and no one relied on technology for entertainment.

Truth or dare: An oldie but a goodie!

The only drawback about this game is that not everyone can be included. You can use this for smaller guest list and if you still wish to have this game that you have probably grown up playing, then divide your guests into lists. Depending on their choice of truth or dare, assign them pre-decided questions. Make a list of questions and actions that you can think of and make chits out of it. Sounds fun just the traditional way right? It is good to be a kid once again especially now that you don’t even feel much of a kid anymore! It a great way to go back to your youthful years of mischief and some daring guts!

Another good idea is a treasure hunt.

Divide the guests into teams and give them a set of clues to reach the treasure. Whichever team reaches first and discovers the treasure, wins the prize.

Another classic is charades.

Remember all those endless moments you spent back in school playing dumb charades with your friend? It is time to relive those moments. Make a list of options; it can be basically anything from name of movies, celebrities, cities, to just anything. Make chits and present a bowl of chits to your guests. They can act it out and explain to your guests and who ever guesses it right firth, wins the deal! Remember that it is called dumb for a reason; no use of any words what so ever! The guests are allowed to ask questions but you can answer only by actions. Begin the game by asking the birthday man/woman to enact out and others can follow suit! An even more personal option is to include stuff related to the birthday adult’s life and favorites. This will also give the guests a chance to known their host well.

Another good option is pass the parcel.

Again, divide your guests into groups and have some sort of an item which they can start passing when the music starts and stop when it pauses and whoever has the parcel is out of the game and has to do something that the rest of the group asks of them.
Who didn’t grow up playing musical chairs? We all did right? It is definitely one of the fun activities that gets everyone in a youthful and playful and of course an active mode.


Once you have successfully brought the evening to a satisfying conclusion, make sure to send off your guests with a small but thoughtful and heartwarming return gift. These are some of the ideas that you can employ in your special birthday party and best assured, you party will be a super duper hit and something that your guests will remember and recall for years to come! After all, it is not every day that one turns 40 or 50, so make the most out of it.