Stork Lawn Sign Rentals

Stork Lawn Sign Rentals

What a great way to welcome home mom and baby from the hospital .  Our giant 8 foot high storks are so unique . You cannot see any hardware that keeps the stork standing up. No silly guide lines and no metal pole sticking out . You can view our storks from both sides and the wings come in either Blue or Pink . In fact our wings gives a more 3 dimensional look to the Stork . You can see by the design and the size that no other sign company comes close.  You see our stork lawn sign rentals are the best in Ontario . We have been doing this for 27 years and we take great pride in putting up a stork lawn sign rentals for your new born celebration. Our Rates for a one week rental starts at $95.00 . Please call for your area as there maybe a extra delivery charge due to the distance involved. Yes they all come with the custom made bundle that we leave behind as a keepsake. Please call with the babies name ( first and second ) , Birthday weight in lbs and oz and the birth date .

Boy Stork Lawn Sign RentalsOur Stork Orders come with a Free Keepsake Bundle.

Bundle Keepsake stork lawn sign rentals

Stork lawn sign rentals

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