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Lawn Greetings

lawn greetingsLawn Greetings

Over the last thirty years, families and home owners have looked for new ways to celebrate a occasion through the likes of a simple prank or a  surprise to the lucky individual.  This has always intrigued the pranksters through creativity and made for some interesting results. One of these ways to make a great celebration statement is through lawn greetings.

What is a lawn Greeting ?

A lawn greeting is a lawn display of lawn ornaments , lawn decorations and lawn sign that clearly states the occasion of the person or persons celebrating . These lawn greetings range in the form of the old standard plastic pink flamingos , smiley faces , giant skunk sign , a stork sign for a new born baby , lawn streamers , balloons and anything you can think of to make a bright colourful lawn greeting. These are usually made of corrugated plastic like coroplast which is very light weight but durable from uv rays and weather.

When to do a Lawn Greeting ?

Lawn greetings are typically set up before the person in the home realizes what has happened. So yes it is a surprise. That means the best time is either early in the morning before they wake up  . Or just before they come home from work . Sometimes this can be done just before a surprise party at the persons home. This can also be used to put the person off the scent of a possible party. They would arrive home to a lawn greeting thinking that this is it and they don’t realize there are a bunch of people in the home waiting to surprise them .

Lawn Greetings for Invites ?

Some people use lawn greetings to let the community know what is going on. Let’s say for a open house for a anniversary party. Giving details to the date and time of the event.

Lawn Greeting lawn ornaments

There are so many type of lawn ornaments that can be used for a lawn greeting. Like ; pink flamingos , smiley faces , hearts , beer mugs , musical notes , guitars , golf balls , soccer balls , pigs , cows , penguins , skunks , candles , dogs . The skies the limit. These lawn ornaments usually surround a lawn character sign that displays the message to the person celebrating. Lawn ornaments are staked into the lawn with a small metal stake.

Lawn Greeting lawn signs

The lawn greetings lawn sign are giant signs like ; a champagne bottle , a cake , a bull dog , a skunk , a muscle man , a beautiful betty , a dinosaur or any character you think would be a good theme for the celebration.  These large plastic corrugated signs can be set up to rest on top of the grass or staked into the lawn with a T bar .

What Occasion for a Lawn Greeting ?

So what kinds of occasions would a lawn greeting be good for. A birthday , surprise party , anniversary , retirement , a promotion , proposal , promposal , welcome home , going away , graduation .

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