Can we arrange a specific time for a order to be put up ?

Yes we can accommodate special request. Earlier in the morning or even for a surprise party during the day. Let us know your request.

How do we pay ?

You can pay right over the phone with a Visa/Master Card . Or arrange to pay us cash. We still need a credit card to secure all our orders.

How much for a extra day rental ?

If you want to keep a delivered order for a extra day it is only $10 more. IF done last minute it depends if it has been committed to someone else on that extra day. Please organized this at the time of placing your order to make sure there is no conflict.

What happens if stuff is stolen when you come back to pick it up ?

As this seldom happens it is the responsibility of the person ordering to assure the area we are going to is safe and  assumes responsibility . Most of the time it is the actual party at the home that can get carried away and re organize the stuff  on the lawn. Most of the time we get it back.

When does a delivery order get taken down ?

We usually come around 8:30 p.m. in the evening or the next morning if no other arranged time has been made.

When does a order normally get set up ?

We have orders us  before 6 a.m. the day of the event unless otherwise specified.